About Us

Tea is family time
Tea Ceremony

Tealia Tea Company Ltd., is proud to be part of something for the greater good from tea garden to cup.  We bring to Canada selectively chosen loose tea from Fair Trade, Organic tea gardens, we carry distinctive tea ware, gourmet foods and unique accessories of exceptional quality.


Our corporate mandate is to source and sell exquisite organic, fair trade & ethical teas and donate a portion of our revenues to woman’s shelters. Our team of Tealia Tea Masters are independent women who run their businesses around family time.

We chose helping shelters as to us, it’s all about giving back and helping others who, often due to circumstances beyond their control, simply need a kind hand to assist and help them believe in themselves again.

Our fine teas can be purchased online or through our growing network of Tealia Tea Masters who lead hosted in-home Tea Parties.  Tea is one of the healthiest and most widely consumed beverages in the world. Want to learn how to become a Tealia Tea Master?

Visit our Contact Us below, let us know your name, location and why you want to become part of our team.  We will respond to you with further information so you can learn more about this unique opportunity to become part of Tealia Tea!